2019 High Ropes Challenge - 09/07/19 Afternoon

2019 High Ropes Challenge - 09/07/19 Afternoon
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4415 295th Street
New Liberty, IA 52765, US
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The high ropes course at Camp Liberty lets girls test their courage and build confidence in a safe, supportive environment. As girls tackle the course, they cheer on their friends and receive the support of their team. They'll challenge themselves with team-focused games, complete problem solving initiatives and attempt low and high elements, all under the leadership of highly trained and certified staff. Current 6th grade girls and older are eligible to participate (adults included)

All of our challenge course activities follow the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" which allows participants to choose their level of participation during the event.

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$30.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois reserves the right to cancel an event due to lack of registration submissions or any situation or condition that could impact the health and safety of participants. Participants will be notified of any cancellation prior to the event. Refunds will be made if a registration cannot be accepted for an event (due to maximum capacity or past deadlines), a cancellation is received prior to the registration deadline, an event is cancelled (due to minimum capacity or hazardous conditions), or there is a documented medical/ emergency situation and a written request is submitted to the Girl Scout Leadership Center within one month of the event date. Refunds will not be made for any cancellations after the registration deadline or once maximum capacity for the event has been reached. A refund will not be made if a group/ individual does not attend the event and/or if a group/individual comes to an event without the required clothing, equipment and/or permission/health forms and is unable to participate in some or all of the event activities.